Feeders & Waterers

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Shop our smart, affordable buys in birdcage feeders and waterers at Big Al’s Pets. We carry top brands like Super Pet and Lee’s. Premium-quality construction and durability define our line of pet bird feeders and water holders.

Our bird cage cups with built I hangars are made to hang securely inside wire cage. They’re made of tough, shatter-resistant plastic. Super Pet’s “scatter-less” ceramic bird feeders have bolts to safely secure them to your cage, preventing messy food and water spills.

Lee’s All Purpose Cup is available in a two-pack to hold birdseed, treats and water. These all-purpose cups are dishwasher safe, too. They’re available in sizes for small birds and larger pet birds. Create a perfect little oasis for your feathered friend with our great buys in feeders, watering cups, birdcage accessories and liners. Sign up for our newsletter to learn about our new finds throughout the year.