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Good lighting is essential for your pet bird, and we’ve got the top brands in bird lighting at discount prices from Big Al’s Pets. Without the full spectrum of UVB and UVA light found in their natural environments, birds are essentially color blind.

UVA is visible to birds, allowing them to locate food and identify other birds. UVB light allows your pet bird to synthesize Vitamin D3 for strong bones and egg production health.

Zoo Med’s Avian Sun deluxe floor lamp provides the full spectrum of light for your pet bird. Use it with our optional Zoo Med Avian Sun UVB compact fluorescent light. If you like to move your bird’s cage from an interior room to a porch, buy a floor lamp for each space.

Shop all our great finds in good-for-birds food, exercise toys and vitamin and mineral blends specially formulated for your bird’s breed. If you have questions about your feathered friend, consult our staff experts.