Temperature Control

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Each species of fish has specific needs when it comes to temperature. For fish keepers, getting the right aquarium temperature is a breeze when you use one of these reliable temperature control products from Big Al’s Pets. Each one is designed to take the guesswork out of temperature regulation in your aquarium. You’ll be able to quickly and easily create settings for how warm or cool your fishes’ water needs to be. We carry the latest precision devices to provide you with more control over your aquarium water temperature while also helping to maintain optimal living conditions for your fish.

Our selection of aquarium temperature control products includes a number of devices that any fish keeper may need for their aquarium. Our thermometers provide you with accurate readings, while our heaters and chillers make sure that your water temperature is maintained with accuracy and stability. We also carry helpful accessories for setting up your aquarium temperature control devices, including magnetic suction cups and brackets. At Big Al’s Pets, you can get everything you need for your aquarium with a convenient, one-stop shopping experience.
Aquarium Size3-5 Watts/Gallon
10 Gallons30-50 watts
20 Gallons60-100 watts
29 Gallons87-145 watts
55 Gallons165-275 watts
75 Gallons225-375 watts
120 Gallons360-600 watts
125 Gallons375-625 watts
180 Gallons540-900 watts
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