UV Sterilizers

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It’s easy for harmful microorganisms and single-cell algae to flourish in an aquarium if it’s not cared for properly. The quick, easy and affordable solution to this problem is to pick up one of our handy aquarium UV sterilizers from Big Al’s Pets. We offer a variety of these UV sterilizers from trusted name brands, including Coralife and Aqueon. You’ll love that they take care of the pesky work of keeping water clean for you. Just set them up, sit back and relax as they eliminate harmful substances and unsightly green water in your aquarium.

UV sterilizers are fairly simple devices, but that doesn’t mean that just any product will do for your aquarium. You’ll need to consider certain factors, including aquarium size, when choosing which UV sterilizer to buy for your aquarium. Our detailed product descriptions will help you find the perfect match for your fish. And when you need replacement parts or new bulbs, you can find those here as well for quick and easy maintenance.