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With these pond media products from Big Al’s Pets, it’s easy to keep your pond looking fresh and clean each and every day. Our pond media products help create an attractive appearance in your pond while also keeping the water clean for your fish and plants. You can easily apply these products in your home pond and then let them do the dirty work of keeping out debris, bacteria and algae. Even experienced pond owners can find great new products for their ponds by searching through this extensive collection of media products.

In addition to traditional granules and lava rock, you’ll find strainers, pads and other materials that reduce sludge and contribute to clearer water. We also carry eco-friendly activated carbon designed specifically for pond environments to reduce odors and eliminate harmful substances from your pond water. And like all our media products, they come from trusted name brands like TetraPond, Laguna and Aquascape. Each of these products can be shipped right to your door at an affordable price.