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Keep your tiny pets happy, healthy and safe in our small animal cages and habitat kits from Big Al’s Pets. No tools are needed to assemble the snap-together cage kits by My First Home for rabbits, hamsters or guinea pigs.

The versatile Pla-House mini critter habitat from Tom Aquatics is a smartly designed home for mice, tropical fish, crickets, lizards, bettas, hamsters, gerbils, hermit crabs or goldfish. Our price-match guarantee ensures the lowest prices on our small animal habitats.

We carry My First Home’s Complete Ferret Kit especially designed for this playful little mammal. It includes the cage, bedding, food, treats, toys, comfort shelf, safety ramp, water bottle and food dish. The Complete Chinchilla Kit by Kaytee has locking side latches for safety. This kit includes the cage, chinchilla food, cozy bedding and a canteen water bottle for your furry pet with the bushy tail.

The Carry & Go Habitat by CritterTrail allows you to travel with your hamster, mice or gerbils. When you’re home, attach it to a CritterTrail habitat to create more room to explore for your small pet.
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